German Strain 'R' Foxtail Millet - 50 lb bag


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German Strain ‘R’ Foxtail Millet – 50 lb bag

Foxtail is a grassy warm season annual used for its quick germination and establishment in erosion control/soil stabilization projects, as well as a high quality, short season hay. Non-GMO, untreated.


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Foxtail is a grassy annual millet growing 1-4 feet tall with a 75-90 day maturity. It makes excellent hay for livestock if cut before seed heads appear. Foxtail is also valuable for erosion control because of quick germination. Broadcast 30-40 lbs per acre or drill 25-30 lbs per acre at 1/4-1/2 inch deep in Spring or Summer. Widely adapted. Approx 213,000 seeds per lb, 50 lbs per bushel. Non-GMO, untreated.

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