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  1. Native Prairie Grass Mix - 10 lb bag

    Get Native with your Home on the Range.

    For a high quality native pasture for livestock or wildlife, or simply for the beauty, texture and toughness of native grasses. These grasses are native to the vast North American prairies for a reason: they work here. They are what grew wild across the area long before cultivated farms and ranch lands. Able to tolerate the harsh weather conditions, they supported the native wildlife as well as the livestock of early ranchers. So plant what worked then and still works now!

  2. Spring Deer Blend - 50 lb bag

    This blend is designed to give deer a nutritional supplement during the stressful summer months, when nutritional needs are high and native browse is lacking. These seeds are selected for their heat/drought tolerance, similar sizes, nutritional value and preference by deer.

  3. Spring Gamebird Blend - 25 lb bag

    This blend is designed to produce the maximum amount of seed through the summer and early fall. The varying maturities of the plants in this mix allow the food plot to produce a constant source of seed to attract and hold game birds for an extended period of time.

  4. Deer Season Fall Wildlife Blend - 50 lb bag

    This blend is the "meat and potatoes" for attracting deer during the hunting season. Mixed to provide the best attraction from fall through winter, this blend will handle the tough weather and browsing from deer. It is also used by quail and turkey for green forage and grain. Similar seed size of the grains and peas makes it a breeze to spread and simple to cover all to the correct depth.
  5. Buck Plot Booster - 5 lb bag

    Boost your plot to the next level! By itself or planted with oats or wheat, Buck Plot Booster will give your food plot the upper hand for deer attraction and nutrition. Highly preferred and highly nutritious, Buck Plot Booster will grab their attention and keep them coming back for more all season.
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5 Item(s)

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