Graze-It-All Fall Pasture Blend – 50 lb bag

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A complete seed blend of nutritious, time-tested annuals for cool season grazing in fall/winter pastures. Contains, oats, wheat, barley, crimson clover, turnips, rapeseed and annual ryegrass.  Non-GMO


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Graze It All is a carefully selected blend of hardy, nutritious annuals that are ideal for cool season grazing for livestock.  All seeds in this blend are non-GMO.

Where to Plant:  This seed blend is well suited to a wide range of soil types, except water-logged soils.  For best results, plant in well-drained soils where water does not stand.

We recommend a professional soil test before planting to determine your unique soil pH and fertilizer needs.  All legume seed in this mix is pre-inoculated.

Soil pH: Graze It All seeds have a combined soil pH tolerance of 6.5 to 7.5.  A neutral soil pH of 7.0 will allow this blend to produce the highest amount of nutritious forage possible.

Fertilizer:  In absence of a soil test, choose a balanced fertilizer blend such as 15-15-15 or 13-13-13.

When to Plant:  Plant in fall, generally from September through November, depending on weather.

Planting Rate: To over-seed existing pasture, plant 50 lbs/acre.  On bare ground, plant 75 lbs/acre.

Soil Preparation: 1) Mow or remove existing vegetation.  2) Fertilize and lime according to soil test, as needed.  3) Disc, harrow, or otherwise disturb soil to ensure a well-textured surface to receive seeds.

Planting: Spread seed by broadcast spreader or seed drill.  Drag or roll to ensure seeds are in full contact with the soil up to 1/4″ planting depth.

When to Graze:  Livestock can graze once plants have reached 3-4 inches in height, but be careful not to overgraze at the early stages.

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  1. R Ross

    I purchased this and planted it November 20th, 2019. I drilled it in and planted 50 pounds to the acre. It had sprouted by December 2nd, and I put out 160lbs per acre of 17-17-17 before a rain and without doing a soil test. I turned 7 yearling heifers in on the 12 acres I planted when it was 4″-6″ high. They liked eating it, but never got it eaten down very well even after a month. This is a good product and I’m going to buy it again.

    • MBS Seed

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on Graze-It-All. We are so pleased that you are happy with this blend, and glad those heifers have enjoyed it!

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