Heavyweight Forage Blend Ryegrass – 50 lb bag

We are excited to introduce the next heavy hitter in pasture ryegrass production! Heavyweight is a blend of TAMTBO (a tetraploid) and Flying A (a diploid) annual ryegrasses. BOTH have ranked #1 in forage production for 3 year averages at the Overton trials. With two #1 ranked forage ryegrasses, you’ll be able to take advantage of both heavy producers to grow the highest tonnage possible!  Non-GMO




The combination of these two top-ranking tetraploid and diploid annual ryegrass varieties gives Heavyweight Blend numerous

advantages in forage production over any one by itself:

•  High tonnage production that will top the charts for the early season all the way through maturity.

•  Greater cold tolerance of the diploid variety, combined with the earlier heavy production of the tetraploid.


Heavyweight Blend creates the perfect balance for dry matter production and high grade feed.  Heavyweight will also cure faster for silage purposes than any straight tetraploid annual ryegrass.

Heavyweight Blend increases animal performance, due to the increased ratio of cell content to cell wall in the tetraploid plant.  This makes it more palatable, which increases

Consumption, leading to an increase in animal production and performance.

Another advantage of Heavyweight Blend  is the increased amount of available sugars and starches, which are necessary for more efficient rumen function.


Flying A Diploid

#1 diploid 2013-14

#1 diploid 2011-12

#1 diploid for 3 year mean 2012-15

#1 diploid for 3 year mean 2011-14

#1 diploid for 3 year mean 2010-13

#1 diploid for 3 year mean 2009-12

TAMTBO Tetraploid

#1 in test 2014-15

#1 in test for 3 year mean 2012-15

#1 tetraploid for 3 year mean 2013-16

*For both Flying A and TAMTBO, results based on total dry matter yield per acre of all commercially available varieties for the selected years in the Ryegrass Forage Variety Trials conducted by the Texas A&M Agrilife Research & Extension Center at Overton.  



25-40 lbs per acre, depending on seedbed

preparation and seeding methods.

Do not drill or cover seed more than 1/2 inch deep.


Plant September through November depending on weather but may be sown all winter long in areas with average temperatures ranging from 40-60°F.


Heavyweight Blend benefits from proper soil

nutrient management.  Contact your local fertilizer dealer or extension agent for specific

recommendations for your area.


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs


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