Variety Not Stated Alfalfa – 50 lb bag

Our VNS Alfalfa has a dormancy adapted to areas from central OK to central TX and other similar winter dormancy areas. Often referred to as “Oklahoma Common.”  Non-GMO



Broadcast 25-30 lbs/acre, or drill 20-25 at ¼-½ inch deep in firm seed bed. In the South, best planting time is in Fall but can also be Spring planted. Plant in deep, well-drained loam to clay loam soil with pH of 7 or higher. Excellent high-protein hay or forage. Check dormancy ratings of different varieties for winter hardiness and adaptation. Our VNS Alfalfa is adapted to central OK through central TX. Proper fertility, pH and well drained soils critical to high forage yields and stand longevity. 60 lbs per Bushel. Inoculate seed for best results.  Non-GMO

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Weight 50 lbs


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