Apache Arrowleaf Clover 50 lb bag

Apache was bred be more resistant to several viruses that were decimating older Arrowleaf Clover varieties, making it more productive and vigorous than many varieties available at that time. Good for hay/pasture production, wildlife and cover crops/soil improvement.  Non-GMO


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Apache Arrowleaf Clover was released by the Texas Agricultural Equipment Station (now Texas A&M AgriLife Research) in 2001.  Apache is resistant to bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) lethal wilt and has a less severe response (tolerance) to other symptoms of BYMV such as stunting, yellowing and leaf deformation. It has not shown the early death syndrome that is common with Yuchi and other cultivars. Apache is earlier in production and flowering compared to Yuchi.  Early spring forage production is higher for Apache compared to Yuchi.  Apache seed are larger than seed of other arrowleaf cultivars and young Apache seedlings are also larger and more vigorous compared to Yuchi.  Apache will be easier to manage due to earlier forage production and less late spring competition with warm season perennial grasses.  Non-GMO

Plant 10-15 lbs per acre at ¼”-½” in the Fall.  Arrowleaf thrives in sandy loams with a pH of 6-7 in well-drained soils.  This seed is coated and pre-inoculated, so no additional inoculation is needed.

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