Daikon Radish 50 lb bag

Daikon Radish is grown for its large, conical root used for human consumption in gardens and for wildlife/livestock forage. Maybe most popular and known as a “tillage radish” in cover crop blends, since the root is very useful for breaking through soil hardpan and all allowing better nutrient and soil movement in the soil.  Non-GMO



Daikon Radish is known as a “tillage radish” because of it’s large, long, carrot-like tap root that is excellent for penetrating down through soil to break it up and allow water and nutrients to flow.  Used primarily in cover crop blends, but also in home gardens as an edible vegetable.  Also consumed by wildlife and livestock. Plant 5 lbs per acre at ¼” deep in the Fall or Spring.  Non-GMO


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Weight 50 lbs


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