Cover-All Spring Cover Crop Mix – 40 lb bag

A balanced blend of the most often recommended and successful legumes, grasses and broadleaves for building soil on cropland and pasture: 50% Legumes, 30% Grasses, 20% Broadleaves. Non-GMO



Plant 1 bag, or 40 lbs, per acre. Cover crops are most effective when planted with no-till drills but also work well when drilled or broadcast with minimum tillage. Plant no deeper than 1/2 inch deep in spring after last frost. Contains Sunn hemp, Iron & Clay mixed cowpeas, Osage soybeans, Mungbeans, White proso millet, Golden German millet, Buckwheat, Hybrid pearl millet, Peredovik sunflower, Hybrid sorghum sudangrass.  All seeds in this mix are non-GMO.

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Weight 40 lbs


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