Cover-All Spring Cover Crop Mix – 40 lb bag

A balanced blend of the most often recommended and successful legumes, grasses and broadleaves for building soil on cropland and pasture: 50% Legumes, 32% Grasses, 18% Broadleaves. Non-GMO


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Plant 1 bag, or 40 lbs, per acre. Cover crops are most effective when planted with no-till drills but also work well when drilled or broadcast with minimum tillage. Plant no deeper than 1/2 inch deep in spring after last frost. Contains Sunn hemp, Iron & Clay mixed cowpeas, Tyrone soybeans, Osage soybeans, Red Ripper Cowpeas, White proso millet, Golden German millet, Buckwheat, Hybrid pearl millet, Peredovik sunflower, Hybrid sorghum sudangrass.  All seeds in this mix are non-GMO.

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