Japanese Millet – 50 lb bag

Japanese Millet is a warm season annual used primarily to feed and attract waterfowl. Planted in the summer, the standing crop can be flooded in the fall for waterfowl. Non-GMO, untreated.



Japanese Millet is a grassy warm season annual that is widely adapted and used primarily in plantings for waterfowl. It is tolerant of flooding and will continue to stand once flooded, making it perfect feed for waterfowl. Typically planted around the edges of ponds and lakes in the summer to grow until fall rains raise the water level and flood the millet. It will also work well for all game birds in dryland areas and can be grazed or hayed for livestock. 2-5 ft. tall. 60-90 day maturity. Broadcast 25-35 lbs per acre at 1/4-1/2 inch deep in Spring or Summer. Approx 143,000 seeds per lb, 35 lbs per bushel. Non-GMO, untreated.

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Weight 50 lbs


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