White Proso Millet – 50 lb bag

Proso millet is a quick-maturing annual grass valuable as a grain producer for bird forage. It can be grazed by livestock and wildlife, and used as a cover crop component for adding biomass. Non-GMO, untreated.



Proso millet is an annual grass growing 2-4 ft. tall. 65-90 day maturity. Most often planted as component in wildlife mixes to attract and feed game birds, such as dove, quail and turkey. Drill 15-20 lbs/acre or broadcast 25-35 lbs/acre at ¼-½” deep inch from last frost through summer (April through August). Widely adapted to most soils. 48 lbs/bushel. Non-GMO, untreated.

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Weight 50 lbs


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