Horse Pasture Grass Mix - 10 lb bag


Horse Pasture Grass Mix – 10 lb bag

Finally, a grass mix that can be safely recommended for warm season horse pasture. Plant on firm seed bed and defer grazing until the root structure can keep the whole plant from being uprooted when grazed. Responds very well to good soil fertility. Plant 10 lbs per acre.



Our Horse Pasture Mix contains Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Teffgrass and Crabgrass.  It grows well on all soil types and is drought and heat tolerant once established.  Prepare seed bed by lightly breaking the top inch of soil then drag to level or press with a roller.  Broadcast seed, then roll to press, or lightly drag to cover seed no deep than 1/4 inch deep. 

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Weight 10 lbs


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