Hemp by the Pure Live Seed

Our hemp seed is sold by the Pure Live Seed. Simply stated, Pure Live Seed (PLS) is the amount of viable seed in a given lot. It is important for being able to know how much seed you need to plant in order to grow a specific number of plants. It is a commonly used measurement in the seed industry for farm and ranch seedings.

It is calculated by multiplying the % purity by the % total germination, as shown on the seed analysis test results for that specific lot of seed. Since purity and germination rates can vary across different lots of the same seed, it is important that you are reading the test results for the lot of seed you are buying/planting.

Sample test screenshot

For example, you have Lot #1 of hemp seed, as shown in sample test above, that has test results of 98.00% pure and 75% total germination. 98.00% X 75% = 73.50%. This lot is 73.50% PLS. That means for every 100 seed you have, 73.5 of them have the potential to germinate. (The other 27.5 are not hemp seed, or are hemp seed that won’t germinate.)

Let’s continue our example and say that your plant population goal is 2,500 hemp plants per acre. Since germination is rarely 100%, planting 2,500 seed per acre will not yield 2,500 plants. If we are planting seed from Lot #1, we know exactly how many seed we need to plant: 2,500 seed/ac ÷ 73.50% PLS = 3,401.36 seed. This means you need to plant 3,401 seeds to get 2,500 plants.

This is very useful information for the hemp grower! He now knows exactly how many seeds he needs to plant to reach his plant population goal. If he had planted 2,500 seeds of Lot #1, he would have 2,500 X 73.50% = 1,837 plants, which is a disappointing yield loss from a much lower plant population. After all, bare spots in the field don’t return profits at harvest.

We sell our hemp seeds based on Pure Live Seed for this very reason. You tell us how many plants you need in your field or greenhouse, and we sell and ship you you the correct number of seed to get the job done. You are only paying for the number of Pure Live Seed you need, not the inert or non-germinating material.

Some hemp seed suppliers offer a 5% or 10% overage. That’s great, but you still don’t know the PLS % of the lot of seed you are buying, and you could still come up short on your plant population. Do you know the purity and germ of the seed you are buying, up front, while you are making the purchase? The number of pure live seed that you are buying should be part of your purchase planning as it directly influences your plant population and, ultimately, your profitability. As a long time professional in the seed industry invested in your repeat business, we want to be sure that your seed purchase from us sets you up for success from the very beginning.

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