Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Seed

What is Pure Live Seed?

We sell our hemp seed by the Pure Live Seed (PLS) so that you only pay for the germinable hemp seed that you need to reach your plant population goals. We take into account the tested germination rate of the lot of seed and calculate how many actual seeds you need to plant in order to get that specific number of plants. You only pay for the germinable hemp seed, not the percentage of seed that won’t grow. But you get the right number of seeds to grow a full field of plants. Learn more about why and how we sell our hemp seed by the Pure Live Seed.

Where is our hemp seed grown?

Our hemp seed is grown in a greenhouse in Oklahoma by Texoma Seed. The indoor setting allows careful control of growing conditions, including light, temperature, water quality, humidity, planting medium and insect/pathogen monitoring and control. The feminization process occurs in the on-site laboratory under careful and meticulous control. See more of our hemp seed production process.

How do you stand by your product and ensure high quality seed?

We are open and transparent about our processes and testing, so that you can feel confident in the seed you are buying. Our testing is extensive, using independent third-party laboratories to verify results. Samples for submission to labs are drawn randomly to ensure fair representation of the entire product. We list the test results on each lot of seed, so you can clearly see information about the seed and its varietal characteristics you are buying. Your seed package will have the appropriate analysis tag, as required by law.

How do you ship?

We ship your seed using Priority Mail or UPS, whichever best suits the size of your order. Once an order and payment are received, your seed is shipped within 1 business day. We will send you the tracking number in a confirmation of shipment email.

How much does it cost to ship?

Shipping is free to you; MBS Seed pays for shipping costs of hemp seed.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. Once the seed is paid for, it is yours.

What payment methods do you accept?

On the website, we accept credit cards and direct bank transfer payment. If you want to purchase through email, mail, phone or in person, we can also accept check and cash, in addition to credit card and direct bank transfer.

Is online purchase the only option?

Definitely not. You can order through email, mail, telephone or visit in person and we can work out details and payment. Email is the preferred method of communication (, as we stay especially busy during the planting season. Email allows us to keep our conversations with you recorded and distinct. If the phones are busy, it may take us some time to get back with you. But we can usually respond to email very quickly and get your questions answered fastest that way.

Do you guarantee your seed to grow?

We guarantee that we have been diligent and responsible in sampling and testing the seed as thoroughly as possible. We guarantee that the lab analyses are true and accurate, based on random samples of the comprehensive lot. And we guarantee that we have been honest and transparent in sharing the quality specs of the seed you are buying, and have complied with all legal requirements. The rest is out of our hands. Seed is a living organism, dependent on many factors for germination, growth and success. We provide you with seed having potential to its tested specifications, and we stand behind the quality of the seed as advertised.

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