Bluebonnets – 1/2 lb bag

Steeped in folklore and legend as rich as the Lone Star State, the Texas Bluebonnet is the state’s official flower. Although it blooms in the early spring, seed needs to be planted in the fall of the previous year in order to establish for spring flowers. Plant on well-drained sites in sunny locations.  Non-GMO.  Ships in 1/2 lb reusable canvas bag printed with bluebonnets and ladybugs.



Planting Dates – September 15 thru November 15.  Bluebonnets typically have a hard seed coat and/or a certain percentage of dormancy associated with the germination.  By planting in the fall, the seed is able to over-winter in the soil and result in a larger number of seed germinating in the spring.

Seeding Rates– 1 lb/2,000 ft² or approx. 22 lbs/acre.  Rates are fairly arbitrary, as bluebonnets will usually increase in numbers through the years, if conditions are appropriate.  For more flowers the first year, use a heavier rate.  For a thinner stand the first year, with the intent of letting the plants propagate and become more numerous, use a lower rate.

Site Selection – Select a site that has good drainage in mostly to full sun.

Care and Maintenance – For best results, keep the area moist (not over-watered) for 4-6 weeks during the growth period.  If mowing is desired once the bluebonnets are established, mow at a height of 4-6 inches only after the seed has set and flowers are brown and drying.

Ships in 1/2 lb reusable canvas bag printed with bluebonnets and ladybugs.

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