Hybrid Pearl Millet – 50 lb bag

Hybrid Pearl Millet is a tall growing annual used primarily as warm season livestock forage/hay. Since it won’t have prussic acid toxicity and makes more tonnage than other millets, Hybrid Pearl Millet makes an excellent horse forage/hay for horses if properly managed. Non-GMO


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Hybrid Pearl Millet is a warm season annual growing 6-7 ft tall. It tillers profusely and makes excellent high quality forage and hay for all livestock. It does not produce prussic acid and so is a safer hay/forage for horses if managed properly. Drill 15-20 lbs/acre or broadcast 25-30 lbs/acre at ½-1″ deep from last frost through summer. It is widely adapted but grows best on lighter soils, even tolerating sandy and calcareous soils. It does not do well on heavy clay soils. 48 lbs/bushel.  Non-GMO

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