Native Lawn Grass Mix – 1 lb bag

Using some of the shortest native grasses, your lawn can have the beauty, texture and toughness of a shortgrass prairie. Want a home where the buffalo roam? The Native Lawn grass mix is the closest thing to it! Non-GMO



Contains Buffalograss (primed) and Blue Grama.  Plant 1 lb per 500 square feet.  Plant after last frost by broadcasting seed on top of firm seed bed then rolling or pressing in.  Can also be lightly raked in to the soil, but be sure seed is no deeper than 1/8 inch deep.  Keep soil most for several weeks to germinate the seed, then occasional watering once you can see green grass growing.  No fertilizer is recommended, as any weeds growing will use the fertilizer faster than this grass.  These are native grasses that grow very slowly, which is what gives them their tolerance to drought, low fertility and heat.  They will take longer to establish and spread than other turfgrasss, such as bermuda, zoysia or St. Augustine, but will give you a more rugged look like a shortgrass prairie and will require less maintenance.  In fact, they respond better to less maintenance in order to achieve the desired native lawn look.  Do not over-water, but water occasionally during the hot, dry part of the year.  Mow at several inches; mowing too short is not recommended for these grasses. All seeds in this mix are non-GMO.

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