TexOkla Wildflower Mix 1/2 lb bag

This mixture contains both annual and perennial flowers adapted to the South, specifically Texas and Oklahoma. They are selected for their long-season color and hardy growth through our highly variable weather here. Works well both in beds and in pastures and prairies. Utilized by many pollinators and wildlife for food. Non-GMO



Plant 1 lb per 3,000 sq ft Or 5-10 lbs per acre.  Can be planted anytime, but most plants will make most of their growth in the spring and produce flowers from spring through summer.  Planting in the fall/winter is good, as some plants benefit from cool season planting and may start growth early but will wait to flower until spring/summer.  In gardens, cover seed with no more than 1/8 inch of soil.  In pastures and fields, lightly scratch the soil, distribute seed, then lightly drag to cover.  As with planting any other seed, the seed has to make contact with the soil to germinate.  Throwing the seed out on top of existing grass in a field is not recommended as it is more difficult for seed to make its way down to the soil and then usually the ground is hard and compact.  By lightly breaking the crust on the soil first, you are helping give that seed fresh exposed soil to make contact with and settle into so that it can germinate when conditions are right.  All seeds in this mix are non-GMO.

Contains Tall Blue Cornflower, Plains Coreopsis, Annual Baby’s Breath, Indian Blanket, Orange California Poppy, Bright Lights Sulphur Cosmos, Purple Coneflower, Lance Leaved Coreopsis, Baby Blue-eyes, Sweet William Pinks, Black-eyed Susan, Texas Bluebonnets, Rocket Larkspur, Clasping Coneflower, Annual Mixed Phlox, Showy Evening Primrose, Mixed Corn Poppy, Purple Moss Verbena, Mexican Hat, and Crown Tickseed.

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