Buck Plot Booster 5 lb bag

Boost your plot to the next level! By itself or planted with oats or wheat, Buck Plot Booster will give your food plot the upper hand for deer attraction and nutrition. Highly preferred and highly nutritious, Buck Plot Booster will grab their attention and keep them coming back for more all season.  Non-GMO



For fall/winter deer plots. A mix of sugar beets, chicory, yellow-blossom sweet clover, arrowleaf clover, crimson clover, purple top turnips, rapeseed and hairy vetch. All legumes are pre-inoculated; no additional inoculant or mixing required. Plant 10 lbs per acre at 1/4-1/2 inch deep. Can be broadcast on top of the ground and with a light drag or roller to make soil contact.  All seeds in this blend are non-GMO.
Buck Plot Booster works very well planted in conjunction with small grains. Recommended to plant with 50 lbs/acre of Deer Season Mix for the ultimate in fall/winter deer attraction and nutrition.

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Weight 5 lbs


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