Teff Grass – 50 lb bag

Teff grass is a quick growing warm season annual grass used as a hay, forage or in erosion control and cover mixes.  Teff is easy to digest, very palatable, and especially desired by horses. Coated, non-GMO.



Teff grass is a warm season annual grass used most often as a dry hay, silage or pasture.  It is fast growing and can be harvested multiple times during the growing season.  It has excellent forage quality with high yield during the warm months.  As a fast grower, teff is also used in erosion control mixes for the warm season to germinate and grow quickly to cover the soil.  Plant 8-10 lbs per acre drilled or 10-12 lbs per acre broadcast in spring after risk of frost has passed.  Teff needs a firm seed bed and optimal planting depth is 1/8″ -1/4″ deep.

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Weight 50 lbs